Niamh Jessica Calderwood (Born August 6, 1992) is a British writer, journalist, and a minister of the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California. She first rose to prominence with her self-published novel Stranger Town (2017), a story about addiction and depression, which she wrote whilst working for the pharmacy chain Boots UK.

Niamh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in Contemporary Directing from Leeds Beckett University (formerly Leeds Metropolitan University), and an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from the Universal Life Church. In 2016 she started an MA in Creative Writing with The Open University, and in 2018 she was awarded a PhD by Published Work in Creative Writing by Gutenberg University.

Calderwood’s involvement with the environmental pressure group Extinction Rebellion was discussed in a 2019 interview with the poet and activist Leslie Tate, “Rebel with a loving cause” in which she spoke candidly about her understanding of climate change, her experiences with depression and anxiety, and her gender transition from male to female.

Calderwood is an outspoken advocate for literature and the arts, and in 2016 she was involved in the official opening of The Word, National Centre for the Written Word in her hometown of South Shields. As part of the official opening she participated in street performance and an immersive interactive theatre experience for the guests of the new library which also celebrates the works of locally born filmmaker Ridley Scott.

Selected Praise

Niamh [has] the ability to draw you in and then pull the rug from beneath your feet in a smart and unexpected way…

L. Bowser

[She has] what every writer needs and hopes for, a unique and individual voice.

J. B. Kirtley

… Passion and creativity went into [Stanger Town]… Something special that you don’t see in most books.

B.G.R. Leslie

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