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British writer Niamh Calderwood is an outspoken advocate for literature and the arts. In 2016 she was involved in the official opening of The Word, National Centre for the Written Word in her hometown of South Shields. Her academic studies have led her to research acting, directing, and creative writing at a postgraduate level.

After years of sporadic publishing in online publications and literary magazines, Niamh published her first novel Stranger Town in 2017. She continues to write professionally and in 2019 she announced the title of her next novel Drowning By The Sea, scheduled for release in mid-late 2020.

Stranger Town

Jessica Henry leaves behind her broken family as she embarks on an artistic pilgrimage which takes her to the North East of England. She starts working in a drug store under a kind boss, but his kindness can’t shield her from the trouble she gets into when she starts hanging out with Scarlett, a local art dealer with a mysterious and intriguing personality.

REVIEW: “A good deed can go a long way, and a single act of hate can destroy civilizations. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be concerned about the writer’s well being. Niamh’s ability to draw you in and then pull the rug from beneath your feet in a smart and unexpected way is the number one reason you should buy this book. That, and supporting new young writers who are passionate about their art. Highly recommended, stupidly great bargain and unlike anything else on your bookshelf.”

– Leigh Bowser (@LeighLaLovesYou)

Raging: A collection of essays and poems

As part of Niamh’s installation art style public decline in mental health she wrote a lot on between 2017 and 2019, and was published in Invisible Illness, The Composite, Interfaith Now, and her own mostly defunct publication venture The Cavendish. Then, in an attempt to retain maximum creative control, she pulled most of her content from Medium in favour of focussing on her self published books. This is one of those self published books.



Author Niamh Calderwood talks about acting, writing, transitioning in Sunderland and finding herself in a deep and loving relationship. As part of her journey, Niamh talks about joining Extinction Rebellion and living with an awareness of climate breakdown.

AUTHOR INTERVIEW with Musings of a Book Girl

“My fantasy novel is essentially a parody of the classic Hero’s Journey story. I actually outlined the whole project ages ago, and it just lived in my notebooks with a couple of rough sketches of the world map and some early character designs for a couple of years. Then in April, whilst recovering from an invasive but life-affirming surgery, I set to work on the prose, in longhand with fountain pens on parchment. It was a welcome distraction.”


Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I am a writer based in the North East of England. I’m constantly looking to expand my outlook on life and further develop my professional skills. I have an eclectic professional background.

During my two years working in optical retail I was voted “Best of the Best” for Customer Care and was put forward to interview for the Dispensing Optician course which would have set my life down a very different track. I’ve also worked as a cinema manager and a digital projectionist.

My undergraduate dissertation was titled, “An Exploration into the use of Comedy in Musical Theatre as an Outlet for Opinions and Debate”. I was proud of that, but I was more proud of my comedy musical, “The Gunpowder Kerfuffle” which I directed and staged at Newcastle’s Theatre Royal studio theatre.

In 2014, [a giant shareholder company] hired me through [a large entertainment company] to visit over fifty sites across the UK and build a virtual dashboard, consisting of a video tour and a survey of all sites. This was a one-off project lasting three months, but it involved liaising with the shareholders and management teams of each site and living out of a suitcase.

Since 2013 I’ve worked as a freelance creative across loads of disciplines. My work has covered performance, acting and directing, marketing, and creative writing. I have a diverse client base. I have had plenty of experience working in retail management, I’ve directed casts and crews in film and theatre, and I’ve served as a Cadet Forces Adult Volunteer. 

Throughout my young adulthood I’ve been writing with passion. Now as I’m gaining on thirty I find myself writing with purpose. I’ve grown as a writer and as a person. I’m learning more about myself everyday. There is still so much that I want to do with my life. 

And I intend to do it all.

Niamh Calderwood